Christmas Table Runner
A few months ago my sew group made a table runner using border print fabric. I thought is was time to give a quilted runner a try. Over six years ago Hancock Fabric went out of business near me. I bought a lot of fabric that was 80% off.  One of them was the fabric shown here with the matching fabric (below) as backing. I already had the machine embroidery designs that went with that fabric. So, it was a good choice for the table runner. I embroidered the six of the designs to make coasters to go with the table runner. The purple and green fabric was too dark and would show through the white snowman. I have added photos of what I did to keep that from happening.
The white plastic bag is used as a barrier to keep the dark fabric showing through the white embroidery thread. I often use a new white plastic grocery bag like this one. I cut away the side of the bag without printing on it. Then I cut across the bottom so I can separate the four layers. I have only used two layers of the bag for this project.
I laid the two layers down the center of the hoop, My design is small and will not embroider outside the white plastic. Smooth out the plastic. I used clear tape and put a few pieces on each side of the white plastic bags. That is more than enought to keep it in place.
Here is what the white embroidery sewout looks like on the white plastic bag. Don't look at how dirty my hoop is. I never clean them, I think the extra stickyness holds the fabric in the hoop better. Maybe wishful thinking.
Here is one of my other hoops-newer and has not built up adhesive spray on it. The dark white plastic int the photo is Dry Cover Up, which I do use but too heavy for this project. Finally, I peel away the white plastic bag one layer at a time. It tears away very easily with no little pieces of plastic left behind.
One of these days I will finish the table runner I started that have the Christmas cats in sweaters.
Easy Striped Table Runner Pattern by Karen Montgomery
Table Runner fabric is Jolly Hollydays by Cheri L. Strole and her embroidery designs card OESD 765 Snowflakes
I even have the matching fabric to use as backing.