FSL Christmas Earrings
and Ornaments©
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These are machine embroidery designs for sale, not the actual sew outs. Because of the nature of the electronic transfer there are no refunds on digital files. If you have a problem with the design, please let me know.

To be used for personal use and gifts, or items for sale. May not sell or share designs. Not to be included in any design collection.

All graphics are manually digitized not auto digitized
The sewn out earrings and ornaments are not for sale. The embroidery designs sold are to be used with embroidery machines
Due to designs being electrically transferred there are no refunds
8 FSL Earrings $5.99
8 FSL Earrings $5.99
8 Pairs of FSL Christmas Earrings $5.99
All Shown Below
8 FSL Christmas
Ornaments $5.99
All Shown Below
8 FSL Christmas Ornaments $5.99
8 FSL Christmas Ornaments $5.99
FSL Package Earrings:
H-1.1 inches
W-2.3 inches-includes both earrings
FSL Package Ornament:
H-3.1 inches
W-2.8 inches
FSL Star Earrings:
H-1.7 inches
W-3.2 inches/includes both earrings
FSL Package Earrings sewn out

FSL Star Ornament:
H-3.2 inches
W-3.0 inches
FSL Bird Earrings:
H-1.0 inches
W-3.9 inches- includes both earrings
FSL Bird Ornament:
H-1.9 inches
W-3.6 inches
FSL Cross Earrings:
H-1.5 inches
W-2.0 inches- includes both earrings
FSL Cross Ornament:
H-3.8 inches
W-3.4 inches
FSL Bow Earrings:
H-1.7 inches
W-3.3 inches includes both earrings
FSL Bow Ornament:
H-3.0 inches
W-2.8 inches
FSL Santa Hat Earrings:
H-1.5 inches
W-3.1 inches- includes both earrings
FSL Santa Hat Ornament:
H-3.6 inches
W-3.5 inches
FSL Bells Earrings:
H-1.1 inches
W-3.3 inches- includes both earrings
FSL Bells Ornament:
H-2.1 inches
W-3.0 inches
FSL Wreath Earrings:
H-1.2 inches
W-2.3 inches- includes both earrings
FSL Wreath Ornament:
H-3.0 inches
W-2.7 inches
Freebie Christmas Ball Earring below:
Click on earring photo for  instant download
Freebie Christmas Ball Ornament below:
Click on ornament photo for  instant download
FSL Christmas Ball Earrings:
H-1.3 inches
W-2.3 inches- includes
both earrings
FSL Christmas Ball Ornament:
H-3.2 inches
W-2.4 inches
FSL Christmas Ball Ornament and earrings freebies. The ornament may be used on a package, on the tree or ribbon added and worn as a necklace

The FSL Bird embroidered with Madeira metallic thread on felt and cut out with pinking shears with a fancy hanger.
FSL Christmas Ball Ornament freebie  embroidered out on blue felt with silver and gold metallic thread
Both sets FSL earrings and ornaments for $9.99
Both sets FSL earrings and ornaments for $9.99
They have been made as gifts or to sell and to make for small Christmas trees.  I would love to post any photos of what you have made with them. Trish