FSL Meditation CD Holder ©
Take your old CDs and make them into  FSL ornaments
All are: 5.6 inches high
5.4 inches wide
The ornaments are not for sale. The embroidery designs to be used with embroidery machines are for sale
These are machine embroidery designs for sale, not the actural sew outs. Because of the nature of the electronic transfer there are no refunds on digital files. If you have a problem with the design, please let me know.
All designs are my own artwork, copyrighted and property of Trish's Threads & Needles. To be used for personal use and gifts, or items for sale. May not sell or share designs. Not to be included in any design collection.
5 original FSL Nature CD holder  designs and 1 blank  to use with Mylar/foil

NOW $5.99
FSL Ying/Yang CD Holder
FSL Ohm CD Holder
FSL Gordian Knot CD Holder
FSLCeltic Endless Knot CD Holder
FSL Elven Star CD Holder
I used a maroon/red variegated thread
FSL Plain front CD Holder
may be used with Mylar/foil
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Designs are sent zipped in these formats:
When I rinsed out the stabilizer I pinned it over an old CD, When Dry I placed the back, two CDs with the tops facing together so the laser sides face out. I used yarn, ribbon or cord 32 inches long. Started at the top and went in and out of the loops all the way around the CD, see pictures above. Use a Christmas hanger in the loop at the top to hang. To speed up drying I often use a hairdryer
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