Retro Mola Set Two
All designs on this page are my own artwork, copyrighted and property of Trish's Threads & Needles. To be used for personal use, gifts, or items for sale. Do not alter the design, feel free to change colors, rotate, and resize designs. May not sell or share designs. Not to be included in any design collection.
These are machine embroidery designs for sale, not the actual sew outs. All designs are sent by email for instant download.
Formats include: Art, Dst, Hus, Jef, Pcs, Pes, and Sew
Freebie Overall Sam Mola at bottom of the page
Retro Mola Overall Sam

W- 3.92
H- 3.98
Click on Overall Sam Mola to download this freebie
Retro Mola Men

W- 3.91
H- 4.19
Retro Mola Parrot

W-  3.94
H-  3.97
Retro Mola Star

W- 3.82
H-  4.40
Retro Mola Dog

W- 3.96
H- 3.96
Retro Mola Elephant

W- 3.79
H- 3.93
Retro Mola Heart in Hand

W- 3.91
H- 4.00
Retro Mola Lizard

W- 3.86
H- 3.85
Retro Mola Monkey

W- 3.96
H- 3.28
Retro Mola Rabbit

W- 3.91
H- 3.82
Retro Mola Rooster

W- 3.84
H- 3.90
Retro Mola Snake

W- 3.95
H- 3.96
Retro Mola Teddy Bear

W- 3.78
H- 3.53
Check out the quilt made by Joan using this Mola set at the bottom of this page
Beautiful, Thanks Joan
Click here to see Mola set one
The address below is the only page you can order all four of the sets (72 designs) for $9.99