Retro Mola's
Each animal Mola includes the animal applique!
Retro Mola Circle
Retro Mola Square 1
Retro Mola Square 2
Mouse Mola, 9  colors,  16077 stitches, 3.45in by 3.92in- plus BONUS Mouse Applique

All designs on this page are my own artwork, copyrighted and property of Trish's Threads & Needles. To be used for personal use, gifts, or items for sale. Do not alter the design, feel free to change colors, rotate, and resize designs. May not sell or share designs. Not to be included in any design collection.
Duck Mola, 9 colors, 12493 stitches, 4.0in by 3.62in- plus BONUS Duck Applique

Sheep Mola, 8 colors, 16118 stitches, 3.31in by 3.39in- plus BONUS Sheep Applique

Cat Mola, 10 colors, 14180 stitches, 4.0in by 3.13in- plus BONUS Cat Applique

Pig Mola, 7 colors, 15105 stitches, 3.88in by 3.92- plus BONUS Pig Applique

Flamingo Mola, 10 colors, 16249 stitches, 
3.63in by 3.93in- plus BONUS Flamingo Applique

Fish Mola, 12 colors, 15918 stitches, 3.66in by 3.93in- plus BONUS Fish Applique

Turtle Mola, 6 colors, 9951 stitches, 3.58in by 2.68in- plus BONUS Turtle Applique

Penquin Mola, 11 colors, 14067 stitches, 4.94in by 3.92 in- plus BONUS Penquin Applique

Polar Bear, 10 colors, 11147 stitches, 3.89 by 4.92- plus BONUS Polar Bear Applique

Retro Mola Circle, 8 colors, 10468 stitches,  3.9 in by 3.9 in

Retro Mola Square 1, 8 colors, 10941 stitches, 3.75in by 3.75in

Retro Mola Square 2, 7 colors, 13066 stitches, 3.75in by 3.75in

Reto Mola's in 
The 90 Minute Quilt by 
Meryl Ann Butler
to be published in fall 2006
Isacord Thread  
Robert Kaufman "Guatemalan Rainbow" fabric

Click on either Sunbonnet Sue to get both as a freebie
The Retro Mola's can be seen in 
Meryl Ann Butler's book
The 90 Minute Quilt 
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On sale for $2.00
On sale for $2.00
On sale for $2.00
Check out the pictures sent to me from Cica in South Africa!!!! Great job on the Mola purses!!!.
WOW!! Cica sent me these pictures from her home in South Africa. What a great job on the Mola's into purses!! Love the elephants. What a great place to live!!
Molas on black blouse with peach jacket
Mola on bottom of peach pants.
Mola designs on black jacket with teal jacket
Jacket with lots of Mola designs shown at ASU wearable art show
Flamingo made into small black evening bag
Early lay out of quilt published in the 90 Minute Quilt Book this year
Look at this great quilt make by Joan with my Mola designs!  What a great joy, thanks so much!!!
Below is a draw string bag I made using the Turtle Mola on Dupoini silk. I then used terra cotta color fimo to make small turtle beads.
Look at the great job Elaine did adding the Mola designs to her jacket. The jacket looks Great!!
These are machine embroidery designs for sale, not the actual sew outs. All designs are sent by email for instant download.
Formats include: Art, Dst, Hus, Jef, Pcs, Pes, and Sew
The Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam Molas look great as patches Edith from Texas put on her jeans. Thanks Edith!
What a great job Linda did with the Mola designs. I love the colors! Thanks for the pictures Linda.
Freebie Sunbonnet Sue Mola at bottom of the page
Click here to see Mola set two
This evening bag was made with black and red Duiponi silk and the Retro Mola sheep. I used an older McCall purse pattern.  I made my own red silk piping and braided tubes I made for the strap.
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The address below is the only page you can order all four of the sets (72 designs) for $9.99