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Todd and Trish getting married on the farm 1994
Todd has always told me "everyone is from Oaklawn," can you tell!!!!
My new daughter, Gini!! In the wedding dress I made and sent her without her even trying it on.
The tall one in the front is my son, Clay!
With Alex Anderson at my Bernina dealer, Susie Parker at Sew From The Heart.
Me, A.J. and my daughter Rachael..
Part of my Bernina sewing area with the 180 and the 1630 (and 40 feet!!!).
Part of my sewing area with the 200 near the computer.
Yoshi making herself at home on the couch I covered red with dragons embroidered on the end pillows, and yes, against the purple wall!
My late husband, Todd the first visually impaired, quadriplegic to receive a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. specializing in Neuropsychology, 2002
Here is the "gang" at mine and Todd's wedding. Me behind Todd. I made all the dresses and the men's ties. That's my daughter, Rachael showing her legs
Garrett, when he was mayor of Phoenix for about two minutes!!!
Dragon end pillows from couch.
Carleigh checking out what is in store for her future. She looks like she sees something!!
The same clown costume I wore every year while doing nursing.
WOW! I was taking a picture of the purple handmade afgan made by my Aunt Sandy. In the picture is a floating bubble above the bed between the angel wings.....

Above is the library map holder I use to hold "stuff". Below is the drawer pulled out to show how much room for holding hoops. 4 feet across, 3 feet back and 3 feet high.  I HAVE TWO OF THEM!!
Free wheelchair redwork -no jump stitches.
4 By 4
These are my original drawings which I have manually digitized. Feel free to use your colors of choice, put them on items to sell, or as gifts.

To be used for personal use and gifts, or items for sale. May not sell or share designs. Not to be included in any design collection.

All designs sent zipped in the following formats: