Renaissance Embroidery
done with Artista software
This is the bodice I am going to reproduce the embroidery for the living model that will exibit this spring in the Phoenix Art Museum
This is a close up of the embroidery I digitized for the ribbon on the sleeve
Renaissance dress I am working on
All skirts hemmed and bodice laid on dress form not laced
All skirts not hemmed yet
Hoop skirt before top hoop added
Close up of Cartridge pleating
All skirts hemmed
Finished hoop skirt
Bum roll
Bodice with plastic insert
Above are the sewing out of the oak leave at the bottom of the bodice on my Bernina 200. To the left is the first draft of the embroidered bodice. The left and right fronts are mirrored images of each other.
Photo on left is the embroidery on left shoulder and left neck opening on left side of bodice.
Picture on right shows making placement for next hooping for center embroidery of left side of bodice. I printed out the next section to digitize then cut out the line showing the hoop. When positioned correctly placed the bottom section of the hoop in place under the printed out paper templet.
This is the peplum practice sew out for the bottom of the right side bodice below.
Above is the entire sewn out left bodice with out the oak leaf peplum to be attached to the bottom of the bodice.

It is all coming together. I will find out next week when the exhibit is in April.
Blackwork collar and cuffs I am making for the Renaissance Faire in Phoenix.